We tell the stories of the city

Sweden's beautiful capital is full of tales




Through the Ages

There's a lot to get through

Did they build Stockholm? No, but they did have cool tattoos. 

The 1700s

One of Stockholm's best centuries? Certainly up there in the top ten!

Come and experience a story of the city

The drama, the history, the many mugs of coffee!

A few words about us

Stockholm Storytelling Studio

Stockholm Storytelling Studio  tells the fascinating tales of Sweden's capital city.

We use all the tricks of the stage, with a host of characters, magic tricks, screen projections and more.  Our audiences include business conferences and other events, tourists, school classes etc.  The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes tragic and always, always dramatic.

Before the pandemic hit, Stockholm was a tourist attraction all year round, and hopefully those days will return soon. But there are still plenty of people who want to know more about the city in which they live and work - especially if they can have a good time while they're learning a thing or two! 

What could be better than a show involving drama, humour, exciting characters, visual effects and a heart that beats for our beautiful city? More fun than a guidebook or a web site, less effort and much less risk of rain than a guided walk. 

To find out more about the shows we offer, go to our SHOWS page.

Let us reward your curiosity!




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